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Deluxe Set-Ups

Long Island Guitar Repair is pleased to offer Long Island’s most meticulous and thorough setup service for your guitar, bass or other stringed instrument. Whether you need it for a last minute gig or you’re simply looking for a shop that you can trust to get your instrument playing to its full potential, you’ll find that we offer the best setups on Long Island. Same day service available, schedule permitting, weekdays only.


Setups are the most common service offered by guitar repair folks and the most common cure for a guitar that doesn’t sound, feel or play right. A setup is a series of precise adjustments and maintenance procedures that optimizes each aspect of an instrument’s tonality, playability, reliability and stay-in-tune-ability. Signs that your guitar needs a setup include high action, buzzing/rattling strings, sharp fret ends, notes that don’t ring clearly, noisy/static-y/intermittent electronics, tuning problems or an instrument that still sounds out of tune after being properly tuned. If you’ve ever picked up an instrument that seemed to magically kick your playing skills up a notch, then you’ve probably discovered how musically liberating a great setup can be.


Acoustic guitar, acoustic bass $65

 Electric guitar, 4 & 5 string basses, nylon string guitar $70

12 string acoustics and mandolins $75

 6 string basses and 12 string electric guitars  $80

 Banjos $85

Locking tremolo (vibrato) systems $90

Ukelele $60

















Call us at 631-376-2284 or click the CONTACT tab to schedule your setup today.

• Clean and condition fingerboard

• Clean and polish frets

• Lubricate nut slots

• Tighten tuners, controls, switches and other      loose hardware

• Restring

• Adjust neck relief (truss rod)

• Adjust action to suit player's preferences

• Adjust vibrato tailpiece for proper fixed or          floating position

• Set intonation

• Adjust pickup height

• Test and clean electronics

• Polish body and neck

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