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100% Free 15-Point Inspection

Have you recently purchased a new or used guitar or bass from an online retailer, big box store, or ebay? Would you appreciate knowing whether your new purchase is

properly set up, structurally sound, and playing/sounding as good as it should?


If so, I invite you to stop by for a 100% free 15-point inspection. I will thoroughly evaluate the instrument while you wait, and provide you with either a clean bill of health, or a detailed explanation of any adjustments or work that may be needed. No fuss. No muss. No charge.

1. Inspect tuning machines

2. Check truss rod

3. Inspect nut

4. Check neck relief

5. Check action at nut and 12th fret

6. Check intonation

7. Make sure frets are level, properly seated and not excessively worn

8. Check neck geometry

9. Inspect neck joint

10. Check for structural or finish cracks

11. Inspect braces and seams

12. Make sure bridge is properly secured and adjusted

13. Check for signs of improper humidification

14. Test electronics

15. Test play instrument

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