Repair Services

Fret Work


• Grind and polish frets:

  remove divots/high spots and re-crown frets $150         (+ discounted setup)

• Dress sharp fret ends $35 ($25 with setup)

• Reseat loose frets $10 each  • Reseat and glue $15 each

• Partial refret $20 per fret + $150 grind & polish

• Complete refret

  (includes setup and fret wire, usually requires new nut)

  $395 no binding, $445 bound fingerboard,

  $445 maple fingerboard (+ finishing, if needed)



• Acoustic guitar pickup system installation:

      $60 magnetic, $90 soundboard

      $100 under saddle, $120 under saddle w/mic

• Install replacement pickups:

      $50 first (tele bridge pickup $60), two pickups $75,

      three pickups $85

• Install active/EMG pickup set (includes rewiring): $140

• Replace output jack $35 (acoustic end pin jack $45)

• Replace pickup selector switch $50

• Replace volume/tone pot $40

• Install mini switch or push-pull pot $50

• Rewire Strat $175, Tele $150, LP-style $200, P-Bass $110,

   Jazz Bass $150


Note: Semi-hollow guitars generally 2x labor rate for electronics.

Maintenance and Repairs

• Restring guitar, bass, or uke $30

  (12 string, mandolin, banjo, locking tremolo

   or nylon string $40)

• Install tuning machines $30

  (+ restring or discounted set-up) ($55 if reaming or drilling is     required)

• Install strap button or strap locks $15 each

  Repair stripped holes $30

• Replace bridge saddle*

  $40 pre-shaped, $80 custom made

• Cut and install replacement nut*

  $50 pre-shaped, $95 custom made

• Recut nut slots:

  lower action and reduce binding at nut* $30

• Re-glue acoustic guitar bridge* $140 (+ discounted set-up)

   (slightly higher for bridges with under saddle pickups)

*Deluxe setup is discounted when ordering these services      

  (recommended to optimize playability and sound)


A few of the services that I’m best known for…
If you’ve ever picked up an instrument that seemed to magically kick your playing skills up a notch, then you’ve probably discovered how musically liberating a great setup can be. Click on the SAME DAY SET-UPS tab and learn more about Long Island's fastest and most thorough set-ups! 
I get LOTS of electronic work – acoustic pickup installations, custom wiring/rewiring, pot and cap upgrades, pickup swaps, I handle it all. Ask about our BLACK ICE battery-free, on-board overdrive ( – built right here in our shop and sold worldwide!
Have you ever noticed how every Strat feels different, despite looking so similar? While much of that can be chalked up to differences in neck dimensions, fret size and other variables, I’ve found that Strats, perhaps more than any other guitar, can inspire a love or hate relationship depending on whether they’ve been properly dialed-in to a players’ preference or not. If you have a Strat that’s fighting you sound-wise or playing-wise, I invite you to bring it in for a no-charge evaluation.
Imports and modestly priced guitars
Of course I love the high-end instruments that come through the shop. But I also enjoy bringing out the best in a MIM Fender, Squier, Ibanez, Yamaha, Epiphone, or Washburn! And what’s not to love? The quality of import guitars has risen dramatically. And that’s a good thing because, guess what… most players aren’t full-time professionals; they’re weekend warriors, students, casual players or the aspiring musicians you see at an open mic or local pub. Even pro players often bring a well loved workhorse to a gig while expensive, cherished instruments remain safe at home. Let me bring out the best in your budget beauty, at a cost that’s well within your budget.
Acoustic Instruments
Dreads, slot heads and bowl backs; acoustic/electrics, grand concerts and gut-strings; banjos, mandolins, ukes and more. Your delicate acoustic instrument will get the care it deserves here in my climate controlled shop.
Bass Guitars
Everything gets bigger with a bass, including the challenges involved in making them play and sound great. The extended scale length and increased string tension place significantly more stress on a neck, especially with 5 and 6 string instruments. And multi-band active electronics often replace simple passive electronics. As a bass player myself, I understand the unique physical demands of the instrument and the best ways to maximize its playability and tone.